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Epic Games Invests in M-XR

Ryan Howell M-XR
By Ryan Howell
Epic Games Invest M-XR

We are pleased to announce that Epic Games has made an investment in M-XR. The investment will be used to expand our team and resources to further develop innovative 3D production solutions for studios and creators as demand for virtual world building grows.

Since our inception in 2018 we have been focused on reimagining the 3D asset creation process via 3D scanning. Our goal is to standardise and democratise the creation and editability of highly realistic 3D assets.

In 2020/21 we proposed a solution to pioneer 3D scanning capabilities and subsequently received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games, as well as a grant from Innovate UK, funding the early stages of research and development (R&D). Our technology is capable of automatically capturing and converting a real-world object into a 3D asset, complete with measured material properties, something that isn’t possible with existing solutions. In most cases 3D scanned objects need to be handed over to 3D artists who manually apply synthetic materials to a 3D model by hand. This is a cumbersome, time consuming and difficult task to perfect. 

In late 2021 we validated and patented our solution. This year we plan to work closely with select partners to establish the full potential of the technology with existing and emerging 3D markets.

Partnership and Next Steps:

The investment will further facilitate collaborations between M-XR and Quixel,  a company acquired by  Epic Games and creators of Quixel Mixer, Quixel Bridge and Quixel Megascans, the world’s largest and fastest growing scan library. 

We plan to work closely with Epic Games and the Quixel team to further optimise their ability to generate assets at scale. This will empower creators to build their desired worlds within Unreal Engine. 

We are also exploring partnerships with other companies  in relevant verticals such as fashion and film. We will be announcing more surrounding this in the coming months so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date.

A special thank you to our partners at Epic Games.

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